Elderly Vs Youth

The Design

A housing project located in Mathaf area in Beirut next to Usj campus. The main challenge in this project is how elderly and youth can coexist. And we all know that making those 2 poles live together is not easy because of the difference in age and the difference in thinking and culture

So the idea became to create this single space or program that serve both parties but each use it in its own way! so we created a pool combining the whole building together. This pool wont be just a place to go to but rather incorporated within the rooms of the housing.

The Execution

Showing Plans, Sections, Elevations and some collages showing the mood of the building along with exterior renders.

The Result

This pool might serve mainly the elderly in a way to bring serenity and relaxing spaces and might serve the youth as an entertainment and sports place.So the pool in our project will be essential to create different beautiful moments for example an apartment for the elderly might be in direct contact with the pool, the pool can be one of its facades.

Project Location

  • Beirut, Lebanon "Mathaf"


  • Housing

Year of Design

  • 2013-2014