Student Housing

The Site

In Collaboration with Saida municipality, i was supposed to provide for the city of Saida a new approach to create a functional housing project within one the biggest green area in the country. The project keyword is Transition.

The approach was relativly simple, the site i chose was located between two major types of land. The first is almost empty and consist only of greenery whereas the second is a highly populated area and full of buildings and shops.

The Design

The Housing is a part of a big complex, where all the buildings are distributed within one large green and public space. But the building it self is introverted in a way that also its interior is connected and part of the outdoor public space. Creating a welcoming and continuous experience between outdoor and indoor.

The Skin

The whole building is covered by a skin, a wooden skin perforated by louvers to allow airflow inside the building thus creating a nice and cool enviroment. Whereas the roof itself is acting as a major water collerctor, where it is made of wooden platform separated by channels connected to water tanks placed on the roof. This configuration allow the roof to collect rain water and transfer it to water tanks where it will be filtered and used by the residents of the housing.

The Execution

Showing Plans, Sections, Elevations and some collages showing the mood of the building along with exterior renders.

The Result

Reaching a complex that is incorporated within the landscape, And a building that is acting independintly within this huge public area, yet provided its own outdoor space for its resident to have this outdoor experience in a private and local way. The room are very typical but located in a way creating a central void in the inside and outdoor balconies on the outside. All of that is automatically generated by simple shifting and adjusting the modules created.

The Elevations and Sections clearly shows the result reached by just shifting the modules, Creating a shape that is pushing towards the outside yet creating an inner yard where those who does not have a bolcony to connect to the outside can easily have the same mood but to the inside of the building “the courtyard”

Project Location

  • Beirut, Lebanon "Saida"


  • Student Housing

Year of Design

  • 2015