Media Portfolio

Project Managment - Content creation

Handling all aspects of the company in terms of media strategy, content creation, and social media management. Below are some examples of the items that was designed and provided to the client. 

Designing and Creating media guidelines for a Luxury travel agency.

Designing and Creating customized handbooks for each trip.

Creating posts, stories, and reels across all social media platforms.

Designing all documentations related to trips, announcements,and marketing.

Social Media Management

Creating all content for an event agency. Posts, Stories, and Videos created through different software such as AI-PS-AE…  

Creating an online identity for an architectural consultancy firm that opened in Dubai- Responsible of designing the logo, the content, and short videos to be boosted through different social platforms. 

Photography and Editing

Below is an instagram page for one of my clients. We worked on creating an identity for the page, from the logo to the highlight covers. In addition all the pictures for this page were shot and edited by me to create a unified mood.

Website Design and Development

Design and development (WordPress) of Geneva Tv Production website, and designing all their content along with connecting all their social media platforms directly to the website.


Creating the brand identity and posting weekly. All weekly posts for latest offers and products, were designed by me keeping the same brand identity along the whole page. (Till December 2019)


Below is a website designed for a LAW FIRM, I was responsible of designing the whole content, creating portfolios, CVs, and creating a client portal where all the firm’s clients can track their cases via the website and communicate with their respective lawyer. 


We created the website for Avenir, a real estate company in Dubai, and added all their listings to it.

Building an online store

In this project, I was responsible of creating the whole identity from scratch. Colors, Logo and all design elements where chosen carefully to fit the mood and the spirit of this project. The website listed 8000 antique pieces for sale worldwide.

Design and Photography

Created the identity and content for the page. We did several photoshoots for the products, edited the pictures, and created all the posts for their offers.


Creating all sort of posters, announcements posts, and events flyers. 

Getting Involved

Created the website portfolio for a leading architectural firm. Focusing on showing all their diversified projects keeping the same identity throughout the whole website.

Project Type

  • Media Portfolio


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Year of Design

  • 2019-Forever